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Single Donations


If you would like to make a donation to St Hilda's this can be done either by cheque payable to

"St Hilda's Parochial Church Council" and posted into the Parish Office postbox by the Vestry door


by bank transfer to St Hildas's Parochial Church Council   

Natwest (Ashford Middlesex)  60-01-22

Bank Account Number 36290696


via CAF online click to   Donate NOW 


Please consider gift aiding any donation and complete and return this form to the Parish Office  GIFT AID FORM

Please contact the Parish Ofiice if you have any questions


St Hilda’s Church is a “Christian Stewardship Church”.


We believe that we are only Stewards of what we have in this World and that includes our Talents.  Careful Stewardship of what we earn with those talents is therefore of importance.  This concept was formalised into what was called a “Christian Stewardship Scheme”.   It recognizes that members of Christ’s Church on Earth will want to support the work of the Church in a responsible way.

St Hilda’s Church adopted these principles over 40 years ago and most members of our Church have signed up to this way of supporting the Church.

Each year members are invited, in confidence, to write on a “Promise Card” how much they will try to give to the Church during the coming year, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually as is appropriate for them.  This is not a binding commitment, but is a great help to the Treasurer in planning expenditure during the year.   Members are free to modify, or even discontinue at any time if their circumstances require it.  Both the amount “promised” and any changes are only known to the Stewardship Recorder and under no circumstances is that information available to the Vicar or the PCC.   In order to keep this anonymity each member is given a set of envelopes with their own unique number on them so that the recorder can keep track of the giving and provide members with receipts each quarter.   Some members feel unable to commit a regular amount and prefer to give what they can from time to time; we encourage them also to sign a card so that they can use envelopes just like everyone else.

We hope all who give to the Church to sign a Gift Aid declaration so that we can claim the tax back on their contributions.  This declaration is included on the Promise Cards.  The numbers on the envelopes provide the necessary means of tracking this to the satisfaction of the Inland Revenue.  About 97% of our members allow us to claim the tax back in this way and in recent years we have benefited by more that £13,000 annually.

If you are interested, please speak to one of the Wardens or sides-persons in Church, or you may contact us via the parish office at or download a "Promise Card" now by going to the "Stewardship Application Form" page.

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