Weddings - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's so great about marriage?

  2. Where can I get Married?

  3. I'm not baptised, I don't go to church. Can I still be married?

  4. How do I book the church?

  5. We are hoping to be married abroad, can we get a blessing when we return?

  6. One of us is divorced..... any problems?

  7. I am C of E the other is catholic?

  8. What is the Marriage Preparation and do I need it?

  9. What are the Legal Requirements?

  10. How much will it cost?

  11. Are we involved in the planning of the service?

  12. What about flowers?

  13. What about music?

  14. What about a Video?

  15. Can we marry any day?

  16. Can  the bride be in a colour other than white?

  17. Rehearsal, where and when?

  18. One of us is a non national or lives abroad?

  19. Can we renew our Vows?


Fear not Your local Vicar can answer all of these and does so on a regular basis!

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